Issued Patents

Issued Patents: Technologies Available for Licensing

For non-confidential information about technologies from Children’s National Hospital that are available for licensing, please visit the links below. 

  • Antibody-based Method for Isolating TH1 and TH2 Helper Lymphocytes from Human Peripheral Blood (Patent 7,919,265)
  • Biochemical Marker For Diagnosing a Leukodystrophy (Patent 7,691,640)
  • Device and Method for Classifying a Condition Based on Image Analysis (Patent 9,443,132)
  • Enhanced Control of Flexible Endoscopes through Human-Machine Interface (Patent 9,173,551)
  • Generation of Broadly-Specific, Virus-Immune Cells Targeting Multiple HIV Antigens for Preventive and Therapeutic Use (Patent 9,885,021)
  • ID-Protein Targeted Tumor Cell Vaccine (Patent 9,795,660)
  • Management, Assessment and Treatment Planning for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Patent 9,883,817)
  • Method of Reducing the Activation of TH2 Lymphocytes (Patent 8,057,795)
  • Methods and Compositions for Treating HIV Infection (Patent 8,211,866)
  • Methods and Compositions for Treating HIV Infection (Patent 8,497,251)
  • Methods and Compositions for Treating HIV Infection (Patent 9,006,202)
  • Patient Mounted MRI and CT Compatible Robot for Needle Guidance in Interventional Procedures (Patent 9,326,825)
  • Prussian Blue-Inspired Constructs for Multimodal Imaging and Therapy (Patent 9,561,183)
  • Screening Test for the Lethal Genetic Trait of Recurrent Spontaneous Pregnancy Loss (Patent 6,268,145)

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