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Research at Children’s National is highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary with labs and clinical divisions working together to answer questions about childhood diseases.

Children’s National Research Institute conducts and promotes translational and clinical medical research programs that lead to improved understanding, prevention, treatment and care of childhood diseases.

Center for Cancer and Immunology Research

The Center for Cancer and Immunology Research's mission is to drive groundbreaking basic and clinical research to benefit children with cancer, infection, blood and immune-related disorders.

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Center for Genetic Medicine

The Center for Genetic Medicine's mission is to understand health and disease as complex interactive processes influenced by genomics and other -omics, and to use this knowledge to precisely restore health and prevent illness in childhood and throughout the lifespan of individuals of diverse backgrounds.

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Center for Neuroscience Research

The Center for Neuroscience Research's missions is to understand the development of the central nervous system and the cellular, molecular, synaptic and network mechanisms of brain dysfunction to prevent or treat neurological, developmental and behavioral disorders of childhood.

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Center for Translational Research

The Center for Translational Research's mission is to promote innovation and foster broad-based investigation to accelerate discovery across the continuum of bench, bedside and community.

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Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation

The mission of the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation (SZI) is to make pediatric surgery more precise, less invasive and pain free.

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Innovative and forward-thinking, the research programs at Children's are cross-disciplinary with extensive interactions between nearly all laboratories and clinical areas.

Research Services & Support

Children’s National Research Institute provides a centralized administrative infrastructure to support the research community, a Faculty Affairs team that supports providers throughout the organization and core facilities that allow for scientific collaboration.