Jaiswal Laboratory

About the Lab

The Jaiswal Laboratory is at the Children’s National Research Institute and the department of Genomics and Precision Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. Work in our laboratory examines the cellular machinery that regulates the inter- and intracellular trafficking, and how defects in this are caused by genetic diseases, injury or infection. We study injury and repair processes using skeletal muscle – a tissue that has the unique ability to not only fully recover from routine mechanical injuries but whose functionality is enhanced by exercise-induced injuries.

Studies from our lab have revealed unexpected molecular and cellular mechanisms that enable repair of muscle cell and tissue that are conserved among other cell types and across multiple diseases. By using a combination of disease models and single cell approaches, we have examined the cellular and molecular deficits that impair muscle repair, and developed approaches to tackle these deficits. Our studies also examine how viruses subvert the host cell’s trafficking processes and what this host-pathogen arms race teach us about the biology of healthy cell and controlling viral infections. Our ongoing studies continue to aim to understand the basic biology of cellular trafficking and apply this knowledge to develop new therapies, some of which have advanced to pre-clinical and clinical stages.