Mindful AI Laboratory

About the Lab

The Mindful AI Laboratory, led by Muhammad Rahman, Ph.D., specializes in various research areas, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, and child and adolescent mental health. Our lab is dedicated to exploring and advancing innovative machine learning and NLP techniques to extract valuable insights from extensive datasets, encompassing information from social media and electronic health records.

Our overarching objective is to leverage advanced NLP and machine learning methodologies to develop cutting-edge tools for pediatric mental health and clinical psychology research. These tools aim to support translational research scientists, including clinical psychologists, social scientists, and behavioral therapists, by facilitating the extraction of patient information from medical records, predicting mental health outcomes based on social interactions, and identifying mental health disorders. More information can be found on the lab’s external website.
  • Lab Focus Areas

    Behavioral Research
    Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
    Social Determinants of Health

  • Contact

    Muhammad Rahman, Ph.D. Principal Investigator


Explore exciting opportunities with the Mindful AI Lab, where we frequently have openings for internships, research assistants (undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D., students), and postdoctoral fellowships. Be part of our mission to advance the fields of artificial intelligence in public health.

For information regarding current openings, please contact Dr. Rahman.