Advanced Physiological Signals Processing Lab

About the Lab

Rathinaswamy B. Govindan, Ph.D., is expanding a unique library of analytic tools for the automated analysis of large physiologic system datasets. In the past few years, he has developed novel heart rate variability measures that predict the severity of the autonomic impairment in sick infants better than traditional measures do. He worked with Adré J. du Plessis, M.B.Ch.B., M.P.H., to file a provisional patent and to establish animal experiments to validate his novel neuromonitoring tools. Dr. Govindan has also collaborated with neonatologist An Massaro, M.D., and neurologist Nira Schneebaum Sender, M.D., on the characterization of physiological signals of the sick infants. He is currently working on real-time characterization of the physiological signals that can aid intensivists in goal oriented clinical decision-making.
  • Mission

    To identify antecedents for brain injury through patterns in physiological signals, to develop non-invasive tools to measure these patterns in all children, and to translate experimental discoveries to the clinical setting for the benefit of the human fetus and newborn.

  • Vision

    To develop a stronger understanding of the predictive factors in high-risk fetuses or critically-ill newborns linked to brain injury.