Yi-Wen Chen, Ph.D., M.S., D.V.M.

  • Principal Investigator
  • Associate Professor
  • IACUC Chair
    • Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia, MO (1993-1998)
    • M.S., National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (1991-1993)
    • D.V.M., National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (1986-1991)
  • Yi-Wen Chen, Ph.D., M.S., D.V.M., research focuses on understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to skeletal muscle remodeling, regeneration and diseases; and developing treatments for muscle disorders. Major research areas include 1) investigating molecular mechanisms and pathways affecting muscle maintenance, remodeling and regeneration; 2) developing treatments for the muscle disorders and improve muscle functions; 3) developing novel diagnostic and research tools for muscle diseases.