Innovation Ventures at Children’s National serves as a vital bridge between the hospital’s innovative healthcare solutions and the industry. We accelerate the development of new products and therapies that benefit patients, families, and providers to drive progress in pediatric healthcare. We provide access to providing access to clinical and technical expertise, intellectual property management, regulatory guidance, and collaborative opportunities.

Below is a sample of ways we can assist the industry.

Licensing and Commercialization: We help the industry to leverage cutting-edge innovations by licensing technologies developed at Children’s National. This can include medical devices, diagnostics, research tools, drugs/biologics, and digital health solutions.

Research Collaboration: We facilitate research collaborations between the hospital and industry partners. These partnerships can lead to the development of novel treatments, therapies, or medical devices that address unmet pediatric needs.

Access to Expertise: We have world-class pediatric specialists and researchers. We can connect industry partners with these experts, providing valuable insights and guidance for product development and clinical trials.

Regulatory Support: Navigating the complex regulatory landscape in healthcare can be challenging. We offer industry partners guidance on regulatory requirements, clinical trial design, and FDA regulatory pathways to streamline the product development process.

Intellectual Property Management: We manage the hospital's intellectual property portfolio, ensuring that innovative technologies available for licensing and commercialization are well protected.

Available Technologies