The Developing Brain Institute at Children’s National will serve as the magnetic resonance image (MRI)-coordinating center for the four-year Outcomes of Babies with Opioid Exposure study.


We are studying whether a prenatal maternal cognitive-behavioral-therapy intervention helps to improve maternal and infant outcomes for pregnant women carrying fetuses diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Project MAGIC

Project MAGIC uses novel magnetic resonance spectroscopy to measure gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) concentrations in the developing brains of small preterm infants.


In Project PROTECT, we use cutting-edge imaging to monitor early brain development to pick up early signs if it veers off track.

Project RESCUE

In this research study, our team will leverage its mastery of sophisticated MRI studies to identify risks of COVID-19-related maternal distress.

Proyecto RESCUE

En este estudio de investigación, nuestro equipo aprovechará su dominio de los sofisticados estudios de resonancia magnética para identificar los riesgos de la angustia psicológica materna relacionada con la COVID-19 que cambia la forma en que se desarrolla el cerebro de su bebé durante el embarazo y después del nacimiento.

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