Posnack Lab


Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

At the cardiovascular research laboratory of Nikki Posnack, Ph.D., there are occasionally openings for internships, undergraduate and graduate course credit, research technicians and postdoctoral fellowships. To inquire about openings in the cardiovascular research laboratory, please contact Dr. Posnack. Please include your resume, a brief cover letter describing your interest in Dr. Posnack's laboratory and relevant experience, schedule (weekly hours and length of time), and intended mechanism for working in the lab (academic credit, funded fellowship, paid full-time position).

Please note that internships and course credit positions with Dr. Posnack's laboratory are limited. Students should have a minimum of 12 - 20 hours per week available for laboratory research. Undergraduate and graduate students generally work in the laboratory through academic programs at George Washington University or University of Maryland (School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Computer Science).