Zhang Lab

Our Research

Proteogenomics, Bioinformatics and Precision Medicine

We are seeking empirical evidence for the existence of genetic variations at protein levels, revealing molecular subtypes of cancers and their associated markers relying on both genomic and proteomic data, identifying disrupted pathways linked to subtypes and nominating potential drug targets for oncology drug development. We have developed multiple proteomic variant callers to identify undocumented proteoforms that may play a key role in certain physiological events.

Further reading:

a. Xu J*, Zhang C*, Wang X*, Zhai L*, Ma Y*, et al. Integrative proteomic characterization of human lung adenocarcinoma. Cell, 2020; 182(1):245-261. (Cover Article, co-first authorship, I developed proteomic variant callers for mutations and fusions and led the bioinformatic/statistical analyses).

b. Gong T*, Zhang C* et al. A Time-resolved Multi-omic Atlas of the Developing Mouse Liver. Genome Res, 2020; 30(2):263-275. (co-first authorship)

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d. Ni X *, Tang Z *, Ding C *, Zhang C et al. A region-resolved mucosa proteome of the human stomach. Nature Communications, 2019; 10(39):1.

Cancer Immunotherapy

We are working on single cell-based biomarker discovery and therapeutical targets mining for engineering T cell therapies in multiple cancers. The goal is to identify tumor specific antigens for novel cancer immunotherapies.

Further reading:

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