About the Lab

Stem Cell Processing (SCP)

The Shirley and William Howard Cellular Therapy Laboratory Stem Cell Processing section processes stem cells and performs cutting edge clinical trials while providing innovative care for patients. The lab is an unclassified space that contains two 4-foot A2 ISO5 biological safety cabinets. The lab contains dedicated space processing two products simultaneously and contains the following specialized equipment and instruments:

  • CliniMACS Plus Cell Selection Device
  • BD Canto Flow cytometry instrument
  • Sysmex 450 N Hematology Instrument
  • Sorvall Floor Model Centrifuge

Lab Members

Team Lead:

  • Kathryn Bushnell, B.S., M.T. (ASCP), Cell Therapy Lab Manager 

Team Members: 

  • Jannette Avery, B.S., M.L.T. (ASCP), Cell Therapy Lab Specialist
  • Habtamu Chonchoro, M.S., M.T. (ASCP), Cell Therapy Lab Associate III
  • Rhonda Smith, M.P.H., Cell Therapy Lab Specialist