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How to Get Your Research Noticed

Children’s National Hospital supports and recognizes the contributions of our researchers from many backgrounds, which are essential to advancing science. To help elevate the rapid advancement of knowledge, Children’s National offers a path to boost the visibility of unique published research and innovation efforts.

There has been an increased interest from the public, policymakers and the media to learn about the latest research findings and scientific process. Acceptance at a peer-reviewed journal marks the beginning of a separate process to communicate your work with public audiences. While there are many scientific articles published each year, Children’s National is part of the broader effort of elevating the literature that has the potential of impacting the pace of science while enabling accurate and accessible communications to the press — especially on complex papers.

Through the public relations team, you can increase awareness of the findings that benefit society, position you and/or your team as experts in the field, facilitate dialogues with the public and between scientists, clarify misconceptions and more.

If you are interested in publicizing a manuscript of high value, here are some tips to help maximize dissemination and potential media placement.


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