The District of Columbia Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (DC-IDDRC) conducts multidisciplinary, basic, translational, clinical and community research in intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). Our mission is to expand the understanding of the causes underlying IDDs, develop innovative therapies, and prevent or attenuate the full effects of these disorders, so that each child can achieve her/his full physical and intellectual potential. 

Zika Genetics Consortium

The Zika Genetics Consortium is comprised of an international group of investigators whose shared interest is in the genetic determinants and phenotypic presentation of infants exposed to Zika virus during fetal development. The Zika Genetics Consortium is supported by the Zika in Infancy and Pregnancy study and senior investigators with expertise in fetal brain development, infectious disease, genetic and genomics of craniofacial birth defects, developmental disorders and maternal-fetal genetic interactions.