Research Areas

Neurobehavior and Imaging in Children with Epilepsy

Children with epilepsy and their families are burdened not only with seizure activity but often also with cognitive and psychosocial difficulties. Our lab focuses on using neuroimaging and neuropsychological studies to investigate the neural and behavioral characteristics of these comorbidities.  Specifically, we look at how epilepsy is associated with reorganization or adaptation of language, executive functioning and memory systems. We use a variety of techniques and data analysis tools including MR imaging (fMRI, T1, T2, DWI); neuropsychological evaluation; and analysis platforms (SPM, AFNI, SPSS, R, Matlab, TORTOISE, Freesurfer, etc.).

In addition, many pediatric populations experience similar comorbidities. Therefore, we have a broad view of hoping to better understand how neurological disorders perturb normal development which will then inform us about possible prevention and intervention approaches. Our work advances because of collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts.  As such, we encourage bright, hard-working clinical neuroscientists to contact us if they are interested in joining our efforts. We accept inquiries from a variety of training levels (e.g. undergraduate, interns, graduate students, fellows, visiting faculty) and backgrounds (e.g., neuropsychology, medicine, computational science, engineering).