Research Areas

Diabetes Behavioral Research

Improving Care of Youth with Type 1 Diabetes

Families of children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes confront daunting tasks every day, such as administering insulin injections, monitoring blood glucose levels and paying careful attention to diet and physical activity. While adhering to a complex diabetes regimen, parents also try to ensure normative activities and opportunities throughout childhood into young adulthood. NIH funds Randi Streisand, Ph.D., C.D.E., to identify new mechanisms to support youth and families and to optimize diabetes management.

Dr. Streisand is specifically investigating two behavioral interventions aimed at parents of very young children with diabetes. Dr. Monaghan is evaluating health behaviors that contribute to successful independent self-management and transition to adult medical care for young adults with diabetes and is funded by the American Diabetes Association to evaluate an intervention to promote positive communication between young adults and their healthcare provider. Drs. Streisand and Monaghan’s comprehensive research program is designed to improve family care, reduce parent and child stress and ultimately promote improved health outcomes across the lifespan for youth with diabetes.

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