Resources for Investigators

The Center for Translational Research (CTR) is dedicated to supporting the research endeavors of its faculty members. Below are a list of resources and services that may prove useful for CTR faculty members.

Institutional Review Board

Office for the Protection of Human Subjects and Institutional Review Board

Grant Submission Process

CTR Grant Submission Process and Timeline Figure (PDF)
Grant Submission Intake Form via Redcap

CTR Grant Submission Process and Timeline FAQ

Which grant proposals fall under this process?
This standardized process (SP) covers grant proposals that are investigator-initiated (e.g., not industry sponsored).

Does this process apply to all faculty?
The process and the associated timeline are designed to guide all faculty and help optimize the process of preparing a grant application.

What happens if a request for application (RFA) is released within three months of a proposal due date?
If an RFA is released with less than three months until the proposal due date, then email Beth A. Tarini, M.D., M.S.,  and she will help you work through the process and timeline along with the business office manager.

Does this standardized process (SP) apply to grant proposals in which I am a co-investigator and not a principal investigator (PI)?
No, this SP applies only to grants for which the CTR member is the principal investigator and the contact principal investigator (for those proposals with multiple PIs).

How do I find out who my grant faculty adviser (GFA) is?
Contact CTR Business Office Manager (interim) Stephanie Bair.

Can I meet with the Grants Enhancement Program (GEP) and Biostatistics more than once?
Yes. Specific plans for the proposal submission should be discussed with leadership of these programs:
GEP: Stephan Ladisch, M.D.
Biostatistics: Jim Bost, Ph.D.

What Institutional Review Board (IRB) issues should I consider?
If you are submitting a multi-site, human subjects research proposal to the NIH, Lisa M. Guay-Woodford, M.D., and Beth A. Tarini, M.D., M.S., will help you develop a single IRB plan.
Single IRB Policy for Multi-site Research

Why do I have to submit seven business days before the deadline?
This is an institutional policy. The proposal must be submitted to the Grants and Finance Office seven business days prior to the proposal deadline so that the Grants and Contracts Specialist (GCS) can complete all required checks and resolve any unanticipated administrative issues prior to the submission deadline.

Who do I contact if I experience an issue with the grant submission process?
If you have a question about the grants submission process and are not sure who to ask, you can email Beth A. Tarini, M.D., M.S.